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`dero multisig interact`

wallet rpc path

`availiable operations`

wallet commands
Setup Wallet (Anyone)
Add Signer to a Wallet (Wallet Creator)
Finalize Wallet (Wallet Creator)
Deposit Funds to a Wallet (Anyone)
or use 1 tx alias
Create, Add 1 Signer, Finalize, Deposit (Anyone)
Create, Add 2 signers, Finalize (Anyone)
Create, Add 3 Signers, Finalize (Anyone)
Create, Add 4 Signers, Finalize (Anyone)
Create, Add 5 Signers, Finalize (Anyone)

transaction commands
Create Transaction (Wallet Member)
Withdraw To Yourself (Wallet Member)
Sign Transaction (Wallet Member)

`dero multisig verify`

daemon rpc path

`availiable operations`

View Wallet Status
View Transaction Status

`contract state`

Construct Transaction